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About us

Our company under the name SORTPAK has been operating since 1994. We deal with wholesale fruit sales in the area of the largest orchard area in the vicinity of Warka in Europe.

On the domestic market, we supply fruit in the store chain and deliver fruit to processing plants. We export our fruits to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, the Balkan countries and the European Union.

Our suppliers are producers with extensive experience who can produce and store in very modern cold stores very high quality fruits with the highest taste qualities. Most suppliers have certificates of Integrated Fruit Production (IPO).

We have a "PERFECT" sorting line with water unloading, thanks to which we can prepare uniform, large batches of goods. The fruits are sorted by size (with a tolerance of 0.5 cm) and color. We carry out orders in a reliable and timely manner.

We invite you to cooperate!